Participate in candy program to get rewards.

  1. Signup to and get 10000 PayFbit candies in reward.
  2. Get reward of 5000 PayFbit candies, once your referred contact signup to the platform using your unique referral link.
  3. Get reward of 5000 PayFbit candies by subscribing to our telegram channel.
  4. Complete your KYC and get an extra 5000 PayFbit candies.
  5. Get reward of 100 PayFbit candies daily by sigining to the platform.
  6. Candies will be converted into tokens & conversion ratio will be declared at the time of token listing.

* Terms & Conditions Applied

Candy to PFBT Token ratio is set at 500:1, only users who have their KYC verified shall be awarded tokens in lieu of their Sign-up, Daily Login and KYC Candies. PFBT tokens for referral candies will be awarded only when referred users have KYC verified.

Last Date for KYC completion is 28th Feb 2021.

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